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Emergency Water Supply Storage System


WaterSafe Household in Sink Emergency Water Storage System.

You can survive for weeks without food but only a few days without water. If or when you might find yourself in a crisis situation where your survival is at stake, water is the most important factor to consider.

Watersafe Mini - 5-Gallon Sink or Stand Alone Model

Store 5 gallons of water wherever you need it.

Place in kitchen sink and have water to clean dishes and drink from.

Placed in one side a dual sink, the convenient pump hose can be used like a side spray.

Perfect for camping, scouting, boating or picnics.


Made in USA of food grade materials

Siphon pump is included.

Water is the most important component for your survival, infact it should rank top on your list of things to store. Not only do you need it to drink, if  you store dehydrated food- you’ll need it when you rehydrate it. You will also need it for hygiene.

Water it self takes up a lot of storage room and there is little you can do about the bulkiness of water. You can however store expandable and stackable storage containers for water that you can make use of in any pending crisis. This will help save space for more preparedness items.




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