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" Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set. " Proverbs 22:28

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 This is an archived page with older information maintained for reference purposes

Gold, Precious Metals and the Economy 

Trends Forecast - Trends Research Institute


Date Predicted / Source


Autumn 2009, Trends Journal

Winter 2010, Trends Journal

"Occupy Wall Street"

1997, Trends 2000 by Gerald Celente

"Off With Their Heads" (Global spread of rebellions)

Oct. 2010, Trends Journal

The "Great Recession" (to begin in 2007)

Jan. 2004, Trends Journal

The "Panic of '08" (financial meltdown)

Dec. 2007, Trends Journal

1987 Stock Market Crash

Jan. 1987, T.R.I. Press Release

Gold Bull Run to Begin

Dec. 2001, Trends Journal

The Coming "Greatest Depression"

Dec. 2008, Trends Journal

The 2nd American Revolution

Dec. 2007, Trends Journal

The "Groping Trend" (Stripping Americans of their Dignity)

Nov. 21 2010, FOX News
Nov. 19 2010, Trend Alert

Real Estate Peak - Decline to Follow

Dec. 2004, Trends Journal

Dot-com Bust (to hit by second quarter of 2000)

Oct. 1999, Trends Journal

Asian Financial Crisis

1997, Trends 2000 by Gerald Celente

Pre 9/11 warning

Dec. 14, 2000, USA Today

Tax Protests

Dec. 2007, Trends Journal

"Economic 9/11" (prediction of Sept. 2008 financial calamity)

Dec. 2007, Trends Journal

Credit Crisis to Hit Financial Markets (by end of 2007)

Dec. 2006, Trends Journal

Decline of U.S. Automakers

Oct. 2005, Trends Journal

Gourmet Coffee

1988, Trend Tracking by Gerald Celente

"Clean Foods"/Organic trend

1988, Trend Tracking by Gerald Celente

"Technotribalism" (rise in social networking)

Oct. 1993, Trends Journal

The New Crusades

Oct. 1993, Trends Journal

"Too-Big-to-Fail" trend

Dec. 1998, Trends Journal

The Ghost Malling of America

1997, Trends 2000 by Gerald Celente

"Wired and Out of Touch" (techno-addiction)

Oct. 1999, Trends Journal

U.S. to Lose Iraq War (one month before the war began)

Feb. 2003, Trend Alert

2001 Recession/"Recession Proofing" (how to prepare)

Dec. 2000, Trends Journal

Latino Market to Boom

1988, Trend Tracking by Gerald Celente

The Anti-Americanism trend

Dec. 2000, Trends Journal

Seccessionist Movements

Dec. 2006, Trends Journal


March 1994, Trends Journal

"Little People Squeeze" (squeezing taxpayers for every last cent)

Dec. 2008, Trends Journal

Internet TV

Dec. 2005, Trends Journal

McMansions to Boarding Houses

June 1997, Trends Journal

"Back to the Land" trend

March 1995, Trends Journal

Medical Tourism

Dec. 2006, Trends Journal

Recession/Depression Chic

Dec. 2006, Trends Journal

Uptrend in Security/Home Protection Services

Oct. 2006, Trends Journal

Rise in Healthcare Industry Jobs

Oct. 2006, Trends Journal

"Involuntary Simplicity" (downsizing trend)

Dec. 1995, Trends Journal

"Buy Local" trend

Oct. 1993, Trends Journal

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